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Fresh 50ml Ants Picnic
A Blackcurrant Ribena Flavour
from £10.99
Fresh 50ml Blueberry Blast
Pure Blueberry, Strong flavovouring and friendy on coils
from £10.99
Ghetto Penguin 50ml Bubblegum Chiller
Bubblegum Chiller by Ghetto Penguin Shortfill - A deliciously sweet and chewy bubblegum candy frozen in a cooling ice pop!
from £8.00
Illusions 50ml Red Magic
Red Magic eliquid by Illusions is a garden fruit blend with a tropical twist. The coupling of crisp pear and ripe-tasting strawberry is fused with a juicy watermelon for a layered yet balanced vape. Red Magic is available as a 50ml shortfill with space for a 10ml nicotine...
from £14.99
Riot Squad Punk Grenade 50ml Raspberry Grenade
Raspberry Punk Grenade By Riot Squad Shortfill - Growing on Riot Squads most popular flavour, this sweet and sharp raspberry is smashed together with pink lemonade!
from £8.00
Six Licks 50ml Bite The Bullet
BLACKCURRANT ANISEED ICE‘Accept the inevitable’.. there is no liquid that comes close to this secretly guarded recipe that can only be described as black fruits that have seen the dark side.
from £14.99
Six Licks 50ml Bluemonia
BLUE RASPBERRY ICE An infectious fusion of raspberries and ripe blueberries frozen and blended into a deadly all day vape… many have searched, however.. none have found the cure for Bluemonia.
from £14.99
Six Licks 50ml Liquid Gold
BLACKBERRY APPLE RASPBERRY “Gold” – ‘something considered to be precious, beautiful, or of the most superior quality’ Just like this perfect combination of juicy blackberries, pink raspberries and a tingle of apple to finish off this precious liquid. Sought after...
from £14.99
Six Licks 50ml Love Bite
BLOOD ORANGE GRAPEFRUIT Once bitten, twice shy… or so they say. This blood orange and grapefruit medley will always keep you curious.
from £14.99
Six Licks 50ml Melon On My Mind
HONEYDEW MELON ICE Some say this combination of melons is that good its sent people crazy, all we know is that we can’t stop thinking about how perfect it is!
from £14.99
Six Licks 50ml Truth or Pear
STRAWBERRY, LIME & PEAR After the huge success of our original 5 award winning flavours we knew we had a challenge ahead of us with our 6th flavour. We tried many fruit combinations and the truth is that this medley...
from £14.99
Wild Roots 50ml Gold Dust Peach
Gold Dust Peach + Goji Berry. A succulent combination of shimmering peach juices and mouth-watering super fruit Goji berry. A floral and fruity fusion packed full of flavour
from £10.00
Wild Roots 50ml Pomegranate
Pomegranate + Queen Pineapple + Cucumber. Bursts of aromatic pomegranate, infused with the tangy and sweet flavours of tropical pineapple, completed with subtle hints of cooling cucumber - a true taste of summer with this colourful combination
from £10.00
Wild Roots 50ml Pressed Pear
Pressed Pear + Pink Lady + Elderflower. Country pressed pears accompanied with the sweet tangs of pink lady apples and a touch of crisp wild elderflower, creates a cosy and delicately floral combination for those warm summer evening
from £10.00
Wild Roots 50ml Royal Apricot
Royal Apricot + Forest Blackcurrant + Acai. Three sumptuous blends of crushed royal apricot and tangy forest picked blackcurrants, completed with a sprinkle of acai berries, marinated in truly succulent fusion of flavours
from £10.00
Wild Roots 50ml Wild Cherry
Wild Cherry + Fino Lemon + Frozen Blueberries. Shaken wild cherry trees fused together with the zesty pangs of fino lemon slices, met by the cooling taste of sweet frozen blueberries
from £10.00
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