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Darkstar 100ml Barrel Aged Tobacco
Highly skilled artisans blend the finest tobacco leaves, highlighting the complex flavour with tantalizingly sweet and smooth dessert notes before aging the blend in specially treated oak barrels. A truly special vaping experience!
from £14.99
Darkstar 100ml Relentless Purple Monster
A powerhouse of guava and juicy fruits. Like a bull in a china shop, this refreshing energy drink flavour delivers intense sweetness and flavour. RPM packs a serious punch.
from £5.00
Likwid 100ml 7 Berry
An incredibly unique blend of 7 berries, each carefully selected with years of experience. Juicy and sweet, fruity and bold, rich, rounded, sharp and smooth, wonderfully complex. The ultimate berry flavour.
from £5.00
Likwid 100ml Blue Raspberry
Experience the taste of the finest blue raspberries from across the globe, carefully collected and crushed to release the fruity juices. This beautifully bright candy will not disappoint
from £5.00
Likwid 100ml Bubblemint Candy
Take your senses to cloud 9 with this beautiful bubblegum candy complimented with soft spearmint, expertly blended, sweet, unique, refreshing and moreish. Enjoy!
from £5.00
Likwid 100ml Green Dragon Brew
Brewed in the frosty mountain tops of the far east, and said to be one of the 7 wonders of the vaping world. This fresh favourite contains ripe dragonfruit and the finest green tea along with an assortment of exotic...
from £5.00
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Likwid 100ml Mango Unchained
Unleash the pure, juicy power of Mango Unchained onto your taste buds. Created using beautifully ripe tropical fruits, this mango is so flavourful it had to be kept under lock and key...until now.
from £5.00
Likwid 100ml Strawberry Rice Pudding
We've stirred the finest fruit-packed strawberry jam into the most deliciously creamy rice pudding. A staple of British home puddings, replicated for an authentic vaping experience.
from £5.00
Senses 100ml Rhubellion
Juicy apples go hand in hand with tart Rhubarb for an assault on your tastebuds
from £20.45
Speakeasy 100ml Bahama Banana
The finest Caribbean banana crop hand picked and danced in a shower of delightfully distilled rum.Aged in oaken barrels to form a potent punch of the banana based beverage.
from £5.00
Speakeasy 100ml Berry Mojito
Fresh forest berries are stirred into cool mint leaves and sweet, thick syrup.Topped with rum and shot with a squeeze of lime to produce a classic, well rounded cocktail.Created as a homage to its Cuban origin.
from £5.00
Speakeasy 100ml Peach Brandy
Fermented and distilled from Persian Peaches. Peach Brandy is a light and fruity drink brought to the cottony clouds of vaping. A simple and strong flavour designed to be an exact replica of its real world counterpart.
from £5.00
Speakeasy 100ml Tequila Sunrise
Sublime sun-kissed oranges squeezed into succulent syrup and served, tall and crisp, with tangy agave tequila. A refreshing remix of the ultimate unmixed classic, served with a slick slice of orange and topped with a cheeky cherry.
from £5.00
VPR 100ml Berry Bomb
This profoundly refreshing assortment of berries is the real deal. Sweet, satisfying and irresistible. You won't be able to put this one down.
from £5.00
VPR 100ml Citrus Jelly Burst
Enjoy the enticing taste of freshly squeezed citrus fruits. Sweet, tangy and distinctive, this citrus delight is a game changer.
from £5.00
VPR 100ml Soft Mints
Take this cool, crisp and chewy mint flavor with you wherever you go. Savour the soft, mouthwateringmint flavor, combined with a sweet candy finish.This flavour contains Koolada to give it an icy kick! 
from £5.00
VPR 100ML Tropical Thunder
Inspired by the exotic flavours of Rio De Janeiro. Tropical Thunder blends only the most luscious fruits of the tropics. Lindo Maravilhoso!
from £5.00
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